History of EAAC

1981 1st EAAC was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as “Actuarial Society of Malaysia, 1981 International Seminar”.


1983 The name of the Conference was changed to “East-Asian Actuarial Conference” at the 2nd EAAC in Singapore.


1989 Constitution of EAAC was drafted at 5th EAAC in Taipei.


1990 The planning meeting began from 1990.


1995 Constitution if EAAC was signed at 8th EAAC in Tokyo.


1999 Making the EAAC flag was decided at 10th EAAC in Seoul.


2003 EAAC logo was adopted and India joined EAAC at 12th EAAC in Manila.


2007 Australia joined EAAC and Constitution was amended at 14th EAAC In Tokyo.